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On April 18, a new Internet policy was implemented at the library.  Filters were applied to the two computers in the children’s area and 2 of the 5 computers in the adult area.  The protection included:
-Patrons under age 18 will need written parental permission to use unfiltered computers
-Chat rooms were blocked
-Access to browser’s history were disabled
-Adult computers were labeled filtered or unfiltered
-Privacy screen were available.  If complaints occurred, librarians could ask patrons to hide the computer display using the screen.
-Children with written consent could use the librarian’s unfiltered computers in the children’s section87

The bookmobile made weekly Monday “Hispanic Night” trips to predominately Hispanic neighborhoods.  Inside the vehicle, children were excited to find bookshelves filled with Spanish and bilingual books.  Also offered were ESL texts “for those studying for citizenship”.  The bookmobile was staffed with two or three Spanish-speaking librarians to assist the patrons.88

The Library Board sent a letter of intent offering $2.7 million to the school board for the vacant Brainerd Building.  Though the building was not going to be closed until 2003, the board wanted the letter to act as a reminder of their interest in the property.  However, the school board reaffirmed that they were keeping the property for use by the high school’s athletic teams.89

Librarians have fun, too!
The librarians formed a drill team that performed in the annual Libertyville Days parade.  “Working in pairs; eight library employees rolled book carts down the parade route.  In matching T-shirts, caps and gloves, they performed complex maneuvers.”  For a peek at the action, check out the video below.94