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Before the vote, library trustees sat in the lobby of the library answering any and all questions residents had about the referendum.  One of the more common curiosities was how much taxes would rise per household.  An owner of a $200,000 home would see a $94.75 increase.68

On March 17, 1998 the people of the Cook Memorial Library District were heard…and they were heard saying “No!” to the referendum.  Unofficial vote totals showed 7,637 voting against the proposition, while 2,567 voted “yes”.70

On April 21, 1998, Library Board President Joe Bean invited residents to a public meeting of the Board.  Over 100 people arrived and were spilling out of the meeting room equipped to accommodate 50.  Though the meeting began with a rocky start, architect Michael Kollman suggested purchasing the Brainerd Building, Libertyville High School’s soon to be retired freshman facility.  It’s central location, large parking lot, and land space available for expansion made the idea a smart one.  It started the wheels turning towards a new solution to the space problem. 71

The Cook House received a fresh coat of paint in a light sand hue.  It added contrast to the stark white exterior.72

New citizens committees were formed to study various aspects of the library district including finances, expansion sites, and outreach services. 73
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