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October 25, 1960, John F. Kennedy made a campaign stop in front of the library in Cook Park.  Though most of the town supported the Republican Party, JFK was able to attract a large crowd for the rally.  Below are photographs from the event and excerpts from his speech. (Pictured with the Senator: Eunice Shriver, Judge Kerner, Senator Douglas, and Congressman Thompson, Mayor Armando, Mator Sabonian, Mr. S. Shapiro, and Bob Hair. 14, 23

“I ask you to join me in setting before the American people the image of an America on the move, moving once again, fulfilling its expectations, spreading its influence, demonstrating that we represent the way of the future.”
‘You have to decide as Americans whether you believe what we are doing now is good enough or whether you take the view that we must do better.”
“We are going to have to go to work again.  We are going to have to build in this country a strong and vital society that spreads its influence around the world.  I don’t think we’ve been doing that.  I’m not satisfied with our record, and that is the issue which you must determine.”
“We are concerned in this community of Libertyville not only with you own life here, but with Africa, Asia, the far side of space, and the inside of men’s minds.”

Whatcha reading? Bestsellers of 1960 still available at the library:  Hotel by Arthur Hailey
To Kill a Mockingbird  by Harper Lee 14


By 1961, the library was using up all available space in the Cook House, including the basement and attic, to house its 24,000 volume collection.  Circulation had doubled since 1958.  With the abundant usage of the library’s services, it was time to think about expansion.  Architects drew up plans for a new building that would harmonize with the Cook House but “avoid the high cost of trying to duplicate the present architecture.”  The addition was to include an adult area, children’s area, meeting room for 100, an adjoining kitchenette, and a sheltered docking station for the bookmobile.  A referendum was suggested to pay for the new facility.23

23 Brinker, Don K. “Unveil $325,000 Library Addition Plan: Methods To Finance It Explored.”  The Independent-Register 4 May 1961: 1,2.

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