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Bestsellers of 1940 still available at the library:
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
The Keys of the Kingdom by A.J. Cronin14

On September 3, 1942, James Cagney
made an appearance at a War Bond rally in
Libertyville. Through the personal efforts of
the Liberty Theater manager, Robert L. Collier,
Libertyville was selected as one of the few
cities for the appearance of Hollywood
celebrities.19 The event was held in Cook Park
directly in front of the library. Mr. Cagney
“found a mammoth crowd in the brightly
lighted park and the activities well under way
with the Municipal band playing on the
terrace Cook library which was gaily decorated
for the occasion.” The event raised $110,625
in bond sales! 20
In recognition of the extraordinary
purchase of bonds, Libertyville was awarded a world premier showing of the war movie “Desperate Journey.” The Governor was in attendance at the event that raised an additional $40,000 in bond sales!21

“The people of Libertyville Township had an excellent reason to mark the date November 10, 1946. For a quarter of a century, it had fulfilled its objective---the establishment and development of a quality community library. On its silver anniversary it could review with pride its modest, homeless beginning, its transformation from an informal collection of books into a professionally operated township function and hard-won community support. By this time it had become an institution of prime importance to adults, school children and to preschool boys and girls as well.

Not only had the library become an excellent source for adult reading but the schools themselves had been awakened to the vital uses of its various and free services. Soon special arrangements had been made whereby the library began to loan quantities of books directly to the schools; to assist the teachers in special educational projects. One by one teachers began to utilize this storehouse of knowledge and to develop for themselves the tremendous new possibilities, which had been opened up.”18

In twenty-five years the library’s book assets had grown from 1,858 to 19,000 volumes and to thousands of magazines. 18A library
book was checked out on August 29, 1946 and returned to the library on October 10, 1995.14