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4 Mitchell, Blanche.  “Blanche Mitchell’s History of Cook Memorial Library.” 4 July 1936. Cook Memorial Library 5 “Untitled.”  Independent Register (?) 9 Dec. 1910.

100 members + 180 books = SPACE PROBLEMS! Thankfully, in November, 1910, Decker and Bond’s Drugstore (above image) provided shelving to host the library’s collection. 4

“The shelving for the new public library was installed in Decker & Bond’s store this week, the books have been received and the work of arranging them is progressing so rapidly that everything will be in shape for the formal opening of the library to the public on Saturday afternoon. Two o’clock has been decided upon as the hour, and the library committee of the Alpha Club, consisting of Mrs. J. L. Taylor, Mrs. Paul MacGuffin, Mrs. Wayne Colby and Mrs. Edith Warren, will be present. There will be no elaborate program of exercises in connection with the opening, it being deemed advisable to defer that until our city has a library building such as is commensurate with the importance of the community.” 5

With over 600 books, Decker & Bond’s could no longer house the library’s collection. After meetings with the Alpha Club, the village fathers provided a new home for the books in the Village Hall. The library was still funded by memberships and donations of the Alpha Club. A library worker plead with business men for funds for a public library saying, “The experiment has proved that we are a reading people, and there is no longer any doubt as to the need and appreciation of a Public Library in our town.”6

By the time the library opened in the Village Hall, over 100 requested books had been newly purchased. A sampling is listed below.

“In February, 1911, the Club won a five dollar prize in the Book Lover’s Contest of the Chicago Evening Post, and this sum was immediately donated to the library.”4Literate Libertyville By the end of 1910, average circulation reached 24 books a day!4

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