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Vision Statement

The Cook Memorial Public Library District, as an integral part of the community, strives to facilitate the free exchange of information and foster the free expression of creative thought, by providing the resources, services and environment needed for community members to discover the past, understand the present, and imagine the future.


The Cook Memorial Public Library District mission is to provide and promote open access to information, ideas and creative expression and to encourage life-long learning and personal growth.

 "Access" is provided in the following ways:

  • COMMONS – The library provides an environment to help address the needs of people to meet and interact with others in their community and to participate in public discourse about community issues. The library provides public space for meeting and gathering that is recognized as inviting, neutral and safe by all individuals and groups in the community.

  • CURRENT TOPICS AND TITLES – The library helps fulfill community residents’ appetite for information about popular cultural and social trends and their desire for satisfying recreational experiences. The library will provide a current collection with sufficient copies of titles in high demand to ensure customer requests are met quickly. Materials will be offered in formats and languages people want and will be selected primarily on the basis of local demand. Knowledgeable staff will be employed to offer expert guidance to the public.

  • LIFELONG LEARNING – The library provides service which helps address the desire for self-directed personal growth and development opportunities. The library will provide and maintain an extensive collection of circulating materials on a wide variety of topics in which the general public has a sustained interest. Materials will be offered in formats and languages people want and knowledgeable staff will provide expert assistance in locating materials of all types and in all formats.


The Cook Memorial Public Library District pursues its mission for purposes which reflect the objectives of the individual people using the Library. These purposes may be characterized as educational, informational or recreational. As an institution which helps individuals develop their own convictions and pursue personal opportunities, the Library plays an important role in the operation of a free and democratic society.

Serving students of all ages, teachers, home schoolers, preschool and daycare children, the Library is a part of the educational structure of the District. Furthermore, the Library provides resources and services to facilitate life-long learning. Although the Library serves primarily residents and/or taxpayers, it directly or indirectly serves the entire fabric of the District, including local government, clubs and organizations, business and industry, and educational social service, artistic and religious institutions. The multicultural nature of this District is reflected in the collections and services of the Library.

Access to Library Services

The Cook Memorial Public Library District serves people of all ages, backgrounds and persuasions, respecting their individual library needs. The Library therefore provides and does not restrict access to facts, ideas and creative expression, unless restricted by law, to any person regardless of age, background or persuasion except as delineated in the Electronic Information Networks and Computer Use Policy and the Use of the Library Policy. The Library must further adapt its service where possible to provide maximum access to those individuals who have transportation problems, disabilities or special needs.

Leadership and Coordination

The Board recognizes that library services are potentially useful for everyone and that the use of those services benefit the District as a whole. Consequently, the Cook Memorial Public Library District, as the only local library institution of general use, assumes an active role in:

  • Establishing relationships within the District that will keep the Library informed of the District’s library need
  • Coordinating services with other institutions to insure a broad distribution of needed library services without needless duplication; and
  • Publicizing and promoting library services so that they may be of a maximum benefit to the District residents.
Goals and Objectives

The Library establishes long range plans, goals and objectives to meet District library needs. Within its mission, the Library develops specific services which meet those needs detected by the staff in the course of their contact with the public, those expressed to Trustees, and those which can be anticipated on the basis of demographic analysis, surveys or other means. Goals are adopted by the Board with staff and community participation.




Adopted: 6/14/94
Revised: 1/20/98
Revised: 3/20/01
Revised: 7/02/04
Revised: 8/29/06
Revised: 11/18/08
Revised: 06/19/12