Why Rainbow Rowell Rocks

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First off, it’s because her name is “Rainbow.” How cool is that? How could you ever get mad at someone named “Rainbow?” You’d just end up smiling every time you said her name!b2ap3_thumbnail_RR-1.jpg

Second, her books are outstanding. Along with authors like John Green, she’s leading the trend in young adult fiction away from vampires and dystopian worlds and into realistic fiction, with fully-fleshed, relatable characters. (Thank goodness.) She doesn’t rely on complicated plots or action scenes – she just tells b2ap3_thumbnail_rowell-books.jpgsimple stories that go straight to the heart. Her books Eleanor & Park and Fangirl delve into teen insecurity, broken families, and the betrayal of friends with compassion, wit and heart. They’re young adult books that adults will also relate to and love.

Rowell is publishing her first adult novel in July, called Landline. (Thanks to the publisher for providing our library with an ARC.) Georgie McCool, the main character, is a writer for a TV comedy, and she and her writing partner/best friend, Seth, have just gotten the break of their lives – a network executive wants a pilot for their new series. The problem is that they have to get it done in ten days, right over the Christmas holidays, when Georgie is supposed to visit her husband’s family in Omaha. Her husband takes their daughters and goes to Omaha, while Georgie stays behind in LA for a week that transforms her attitude about her career and her marriage.

Rowell’s special gift is in uncovering incredible insights about ordinary life, delivered with humor and grace. Landline explores the delicate balance women walk between work and family, the tradeoffs they make, and the pain that can cause, but Rowell is never heavy-handed. She merely explores, along with her characters, and somehow the most beautiful messages come out of her writing. I finish her books wanting to laugh and cry at the same time. They are that moving. Read Rainbow Rowell, because she rocks.

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Andrea Larson works as a Readers' Advisor at Cook Park Library and loves to connect great people with great books.  She'll read or watch pretty much anything (except horror -- she's kind of a wimp that way).  She's currently working on her Master's in Library and Information Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.