Pick of the Week: Lucky Us by Amy Bloom

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Quirky characters abound in Amy Bloom’s new story about an unusual family’s attempt to survive during World War II. 

Twelve-year-old Eva lives with her mother and occasionally is visited by a man named Edgar, who is her father. When Eva's mother hears that Edgar's wife has died, she decides this is her chance for freedom. She dumps poor Eva on Edgar's doorstep and takes off.  Eva discovers she has an older half-sister named Iris, an aspiring actress. After a couple of years, Iris, who is tired of Edgar stealing the little money she has saved, takes off for Hollywood with Eva in tow, hoping to be discovered.

Their unconventional father eventually finds his daughters down and out after scandal ruins Iris’ hopes to be in pictures. Their struggle to find success and happiness eventually leads them to Long Island, meeting colorful people along the way, including a gay Hollywood makeup artist and a Jewish orphan. 

Eva is a likeable, plucky, determined young woman who makes the best of all the bad situations she faces. Filled with humor and heartache, Lucky Us is an entertaining romp with memorable characters.

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Jo Hansen has been a Readers’ Advisor at Cook Library for several years, after a 20-year career as a newspaper journalist. Libraries rock! She especially enjoys literary and historical fiction as well as mysteries and fantasy. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, she enjoys playing with her chocolate Labrador Yogi Bear and watching great movies.