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June weddings are a great tradition, and weddings have been at the heart of some wonderful movies over the years.  Weddings always seem to generate an emotional response, whether it be laughter, tears, or even heartbreak -- and movie weddings are no exception. This week we'll feature a sampling of films where getting to the altar proves to be something of a challenge! 


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In My Best Friend's Wedding, a woman realizes her feelings for her best friend run deeper than mere friendship when he calls unexpectedly to invite her to his wedding, which is to take place in just four days.  The romantic comedy stars Julia Roberts at her most charming, along with Dermot Mulroney, and Cameron Diaz in one of her earliest roles. Rupert Everett also lends strong support. 


As the Father of the Bride, Steve Martin becomes comically unnerved by the announcement that his 21-year-old daughter has met the man of her dreams and plans to marry him in just a few months.  Diane Keaton and Kimberly Williams-Paisley also star -- with Martin Short providing hilarious support as an over-the-top wedding planner.  The film is a remake of the 1950 film by the same name, which featured Hollywood greats Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor as father and daughter.  The success of the remake also spawned a sequel, with the catchy title Father of the Bride, Part II. 


Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell offer loads of charisma and romantic spark in the 1994 comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral The pair plays a confirmed British bachelor and an American woman who keep meeting unexpectedly at social events in London over the course of a year, during which time their feelings for each other become more and more muddled. A great ensemble supporting cast adds to the fun.


In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a young Greek woman struggling to win approval of her non-Greek fiance from her large, extended family, must also come to terms with her own feelings about her cultural heritage.  Nia Vardalos wrote the screenplay for the hit 2002 comedy, in which she also starred alongside John Colbert and Michael Constantine.  This is a big, fat celebration not to be missed!


Not all weddings are festive occasions!   In the 2008 film Rachel Getting Married, Anne Hathaway plays a drug addict recently released from yet another stint in rehab who returns to her family home to attend her sister Rachel's wedding. Tension runs high in this moving drama about the devastating effects of family secrets.  Hathaway scored a well-deserved Oscar nomination for her against-type lead performance, but it is Rosemarie DeWitt and Debra Winger who truly shine in their supporting roles as bride-to-be Rachel and the girls' estranged mother, respectively. 



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