Cook Library Cinema Club: The Graduate

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'Tis the season for college graduations!  Now is the perfect time to revisit the classic film The Graduate, which provides an especially entertaining look at the confusion that can reign at such a significant time in life.  Dustin Hoffman plays recent college graduate Benjamin Braddock who, after becoming involved in a complicated affair with a woman twice his age, finds himself falling in love with her beautiful daughter.  Anne Bancroft and Katharine Ross co-star in the 1967 film by legendary director Mike Nichols.  The movie also features an outstanding soundtrack by Simon and Garfunkel, showcasing their songs Mrs. Robinson, The Sound of Silence, and Scarborough Faire/Canticle.


Because Hoffman and Bancroft delivered such iconic performances in the film, it's hard to believe today that Robert Redford and Doris Day were once considered for the lead roles.  Mike Nichols has stated that he ultimately decided against Redford because he felt the handsome actor would not be convincing in the role of an underdog with a history of striking out with attractive young women.  It's also interesting to note that Bancroft, in the role of the older seductress Mrs. Robinson, was only 36 years old when the film was made -- just six years older than the baby-faced Hoffman.  Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson! 


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