Cook Library Cinema Club: Jack Bauer is Back!

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Fans of the long-running TV series 24 have reason to celebrate:  Jack Bauer and his team at the U.S. government's secretive Counter Terrorist Unit are returning to save another day!  Kiefer Sutherland will reprise his Emmy Award-winning role as CTU agent Jack Bauer in twelve new episodes of the popular series beginning Monday, May 5th.

24Clock24 debuted in 2001, and distinguished itself as a top-notch political thriller over the course of its eight seasons.  Each season covered one 24-hour period, with the action unfolding in "real" time.  An advancing digital clock and the liberal use of split screens to depict events unfolding simultaneously created tremendous race against the clock tension that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.  Although he single-handedly saved the country from horrific threats including assassination plots, nuclear devices, and deadly viruses, Jack was no saint -- he often used highly questionable methods to stop the bad guys.24JackandChloe


Viewers learned not to grow too attached to Jack's family, friends, and co-workers over the years, as more than a few were lost to the cause.  Fighting terrorism is a tough business!  Jack's trusted aide Chloe O'Brian (played by Mary Lynn Rajskub) was one of the few to survive relatively unscathed, rising from a low-level computer geek to the head of CTU over the run of the series. 


The new 24: Live Another Day will be set in London, where Jack is pressed back into service after a threat is made on the life of the visiting U.S. President.  Whatever happens, you just know Jack is in for yet another really, really bad day!


Past seasons of 24 make for some great binge-watching!  You can find all eight seasons of the show at the library. 


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