What's New...to Read, View and Listen to?

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This week’s question: How can I keep up to date on what’s new in the type of library materials I’m interested in, such as large type books or feature films or audiobooks?

There are a few ways to keep up to date. First, check out the New and Recommended link that appears on the new search page of our catalog.
This is a handy page, because it contains links to both our New Arrivals RSS feeds and our enewsletter RSS feeds. Feeds display well in Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you use Chrome as your browser and haven't added the RSS extension, go here and click the box that says Add to Chrome to make RSS feeds display correctly.

You can also access all of our RSS feeds by viewing the drop-down menu under Books, Movies and Music, and choosing either New Arrivals – Books, or New Arrivals – Films & Music. You can access the feeds there any time or subscribe to receive any of them in your own news reader. To decide if you want to subscribe to RSS feeds and find out how to do it, watch this short video.

If RSS isn’t for you, you can sign up to receive our enewsletters via email. Each one features reviews of new titles with links to the catalog. Go here to sign up for as many as you’d like.

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