Program Registration

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Our schedule of Adult Programs for the winter season is now live. Take a look! You can register for events online as well as in person or by phone. From time to time folks ask how to check their registration status and possibly cancel a registration online. Each page of Adult Programs now features a box labelled Viewing and Changing Your Program Registrations that contains a link to your personal program schedule.

Alternatively, you can view and change your schedule from the Calendar page. Here’s how:

Go to our website, and from the drop-down menu under Calendar & News, click Calendar. Near the top of the Calendar page you will see four bullet points. The third one says:

"To view only the events for which you have registered, click the Display Your Personal Schedule link."

Enter your name and phone number, then click submit to bring up a list of the programs you have registered for. You will see whether you are registered or on the waiting list, and you will have the option to cancel your registration if you choose.

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