Income Tax Season

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How are you coming with your income taxes? Need some forms, instructions or publications? Here are some options for you:

All federal tax forms, instructions and publications are available free on the IRS web site. As long as you have Adobe Reader installed, all forms can be printed and some can even be completed online and then printed with your information. You can also learn about e-filing options on the IRS site.

With the Adobe Reader installed, you can also access and print Illinois State Tax Forms and instructions. Need forms from other states? will get you to those.

If you prefer not to print out forms yourself or e-file, you can find paper copies of many of the most popular forms and instructions for individual taxpayers available at both our Cook Park and Aspen Drive locations. At our Cook Park location we also have a binder of federal forms and instructions that can be photocopied.

Some forms and publications that we ordered have still not arrived, and the government has been willing to send only limited quantities of others. We have already run out of the instructions for the Illinois 1040, and we will not be receiving any more.

If you need paper copies of specific forms or instructions, please call 847-362-2330 and ask for the Adult Reference Desk at either Cook Park or Aspen Drive to check on current availability at your preferred location.

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